Motohide Miyahara

Motohide Miyahara is the Director of the Movement Development Clinic at the School of Physical Education University of Otago. He trained as MA in dance movement therapy at Antioch University New England and PhD in Kinesiology at UCLA and incorporates dance into interventions for young people at the clinic. He has participated in dance and opera performances in Japan, USA, Germany and New Zealand. His last performance was in the opera Outrageous Fortune, choreographed by Shona Dunlop MacTavish in 1998.



Remembrance of Tomotake Nakamura

Motohide Miyahara traces the life of a distinguished dance artist, to help readers learn how the very Western art of ballet developed in the unique and sometimes difficult cultural, political and historic milieu in Japan after World War II.

Able as anything: integrated dance in New Zealand

This paper firstly examines theoretical perspectives on dance and disability with a discussion of the ideal dancing body and strategies for how the disabled body may reiterate or disrupt such constructions. Secondly, it presents concrete analyses of two works by Touch Compass as an illustration of the ways in which disability and the dancing body on stage are constructed through choreographic imagery and iconography.