2012 National dance research forum program

On the weekend of 4 – 5 August 2012 Australian dance researchers will meet in Melbourne to share their work, ideas and develop their dance research networks. Participants include dance researchers working in choreographic cognition, technology, injury prevention and management, intercultural research, audience development and dance education.


Day 1: Saturday 4 August 2012

221 Burwood Highway, Burwood, Vic

The first day will be at Deakin University looking at dance research with national and international artists/researchers, including Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli (UK), Kim Vincs and Garry Stewart (Australia) and Carol Brown (New Zealand). There will be a demonstration of Indigenous work by Monica Stevens, and a panel chaired by Cheryl Stock with Kate Stevens and John McCormick. Speaker biographies are available here.

9.15 Registration, coffee
10.00 Welcome: Prof. Lee Astheimer, DVC (Research), Deakin University
10.15 Keynote: Dance research directions from a UK perspective by Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli (Igloo, UK)
10.45 Questions/discussion
11.15 Morning tea
11.45 Studio demonstration of Deakin’s interactive work. Includes embedded analysis, 3D scenography, demonstration of Indigenous work (Monica Stevens)
1.00 Lunch
1.45 Panel: Cheryl Stock (Chair), Kim Vincs, John McCormick, Kate Stevens, Garry Stewart
3.45 Afternoon tea
4:00 Keynote: Creative practice and artistic research by Carol Brown.
4:30 Questions/discussion
5.00 End day

Getting to Deakin University

Richard Searby Room, Building HD, Level 2

By taxi: 221 Burwood Highway, Burwood, entrance one. There is a bus stop / drop off zone that will get you near building HD.

By tram (about 45 minutes): Route 75 – City (Spencer St) to Vermont South, stop number 63, outside campus near the ‘Deakin’ signs.

Day 2: Saturday 5 August 2012

Victorian College of the Arts, Founders' Gallery, Elisabeth Murdoch Building
234 St Kilda Rd, Southbank

On Day 2 we'll move to the School of Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts, where each participant will be invited to give a three-minute introduction to their own research. After lunch there will be special interest group roundtables to discuss these brief presentations in more depth, and then each group will be invited to come up with an action plan for future meetings and collaborative opportunities. We'll also look at the future of the Tertiary Dance Council of Australia, with the possibility of broadening membership to individual researchers.

9.00 Coffee
9.15 The research environment—each participant will take 3 minutes to discuss their research.
10.30 Morning tea
11.00 Continue presentations
1.15 Lunch
2.00 Research breakout groups (e.g. health sciences, psychology, cognitive science, technology, education etc).
3.30 Afternoon tea

Groups report back: Actions arising—one future action from each group:(including who, what, when, where?)

Future of Tertiary Dance Council of Australia (e.g. opening up membership to individuals)


5.15 End day

Read Report on National Dance Forum.