Write for Brolga—an Australian journal about dance

Submissions are open for Brolga #41 under the broad theme 'A place for dance'.

Key information

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The art and community ecology in which dance exists is delicate and complex. As with the fight for survival by animals in compromised environments perhaps it is the ‘charismatic’ or ‘innovative’ artists who survive. If so, where is the place for the dancers and dance makers who exist outside the realm of publically notable; who eschew spectacle or even notoriety? And how is it possible for a dancer to find their dance place in the rich history of skill and experimentation?

How does an individual place their practice/work so that sits alongside others while still allowing their ‘voice’ to be heard? What are the structures that are supporting or need to be overcome and how is it possible to make art that satisfies many competing factors, not least being the dance artist’s own interests and desires in participating in a fragile ecology of dance practices? 

Possible elements of the theme may include:

  • Dancing outside the mainstream
  • Participatory performance
  • Dancing in alternative places/spaces
  • Non-traditional performer–audience relationships
  • Varying platforms for the development and performance of dance
  • Accessing support for dance: Is government funding a viable mechanism for resourcing dance work?