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    Australian guidelines for teaching dance

    The Australian guidelines for teaching dance outlines codes of ethical and professional behaviour and emphasises the importance of safe dance practice and teaching methodology.

    We designed it to help dance teachers and students by providing minimum standards, and by suggesting ways teachers can maintain or upgrade their teaching skills. Parents can use the Guidelines  to help choose a dancing school or group for their children.

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    Aon Ausdance insurance: more cover, cheaper price

    Beginning 1 January 2016, our approved insurance partner Aon are proud to launch an even better offering on their Public Liability insurance, tailored specifically for Ausdance members.

    While the need to employ best practice is a given, it is still common for a dancer or dance business to be sued for things like providing incorrect advice, damage to a third party and/or injury to students. It’s therefore critical to ensure you also have the right insurance in place.

    So, having spoken with Ausdance and listened to the feedback of the dance industry and their clients, Aon’s Public Liability insurance, is now available for new customers with more cover, and at a cheaper price.

    Key changes

    • Easy choice of $10million or $20 million Public Liability cover
    • Automatically included Professional Indemnity upped to $5 million cover.
    • Prices now start from as low as $324.40
    • Even simpler & quicker journey through Aon’s no-obligation Buy Online platform.

    For any questions, visit A on Ausdance insurance  or call 1800 806 584.

    Read more on Aon’s cover, and the importance of Public liability in the dance industry.

    New dance insurance premiums arrive in 2016

    Ausdance has a long-standing partnership with Aon Risk Services to negotiate the best insurance cover for the dance industry. Last year premiums for public liability cover were cut by 33%. For 2016, premiums will not only drop further, but you’ll also be covered for more.

    Look forward to an Ausdance member discount and extended cover. Dance studio owners and teachers will appreciate a new cover against claims relating to molestation allegations, a cover which is exclusively offered by Aon.

    Question: Have you installed your own dance floors? If yes, we recommend talking to Aon about getting business insurance to ensure your floors are also covered.

    New in 2015: 33% lower premiums for Aon dance insurance

    Ausdance Public liability–33% lower premiums. New prices start January 1st, 2015. Buy online today.

    After recent discussions with Ausdance, cashflow pressures were identified as an important issue for many Ausdance members throughout 2014. Following this feedback, Aon have strongly negotiated with insurers to secure a more affordable dance insurance package.

    Aon are subsequently very pleased to announce that their dance insurance premiums are now 33% lower.

    This discounted rate is available for new policies placed from 1 January 2015 and for all current Aon dance customers (see your renewal pack for more information).

    For a no-obligation quote and option to buy online, visit Aon’s Ausdance page or give Aon’s Dance service team a call on 1800 806 584.

    If you’d like to learn more about the importance of having public liability insurance as a dance business, check out a recent Aon article: How does public liability insurance protect me?

    Creative tax deductions

    The financial year ends soon, so why not make a tax-deductible donation that supports your favourite art form.

    Through, some of Australia's best dance companies are now inviting you to help support new Australian work, choreographic development, kids dance activities, community dance and dance touring.

    Imagine yourself attending a work you helped make happen! Here's your chance.

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